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MHS students compete at State AcaDec

Article Date: 
30 March, 2012 (All day)

Morgan High School’s Academic Decathlon team placed first in the Medium School Division at their state competition this year!! 

They took second place overall, trailing the first place team by only 80 points! Eighty points is only a matter of a few questions as each test taken can be worth up to one thousand points and each team earns tens of thousands of points in the end. 

Our team members received 34 medals altogether ranging from first to third place. Tyler Kippen was ranked first among all of the competing students from all the of the competing schools 1A through 5A. He received 925 points on the Super Quiz test, which was based on the Age of Empires. 

Natasha Andersen was also ranked 16th among all of the students. Morgan High’s AcaDec students who participated at the state competition this year included Tyler Kippen, Natasha Andersen, Trevor Heath, Jacob Walker, Katie Seely, Camille Wheatley, Chapman White, and Tyson Wheelwright. 

The school is proud of the team’s achievements which were much deserved after the students countless hours of studying and attending months of early morning AcaDec practices held under the direction of their fearless leaders Mrs. Morrison and Mr. Hardy.