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MES Celebration of Arts assembly

Article Date: 
3 February, 2012 (All day)

The annual Inspirations contest rapped up this week with certificates and medals given for achievement in five categories; Literature, Visual Arts, 3-dimensional Arts, Photography, and Musical Composition.  

The theme “Diversity Means…” was portrayed through various forms of art by students from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  The contest allows students to explore the arts, express themselves, and to be recognized for their creative efforts.  ShaNell Turner PTSO Secretary explained “It is a way to give the kids encouragement in the arts.”  The Morgan Elementary PTSO is dedicated to artistic endeavors and the Inspirations contest is a way to inspire and encourage students in creativity, discipline, and design concept.  “It is amazing to see what they come up with,” Turner said shortly after the judging was complete.

Various forms of art were presented to the young audience.  The assembly was started off with the Marcato Children’s Choir.  This talented group of singers is directed by Heidi Farmer.  Comprised of students in the third through sixth grades, Marcato is in its first year and already has students performing with amazing little voices.   Spencer Drummond also performed for the students sitting at the piano to showcase his talent.  He played a variety of songs including an impromptu melody based on suggestions from the audience.  The song that most impressed the listeners was a song Drummond facetiously announced as a very serious song.  While much of the song was performed with beautiful sliding strains, the notes would be abruptly interrupted with a loud clunky jolt only to be revived again moments later.  A member of the Morgan High Troyettes also danced and twirled to the audiences delight.

Principal Tim Wolff supported the occasion explaining to the students that art isn’t something they will only do in school, but something they can do throughout their lives.  The contest and assembly gave the students a chance to practice the arts, as well as express themselves because he feels “it is so, so important.”  

See Page 11 for list of winners.