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Meeting with a Splash

Article Date: 
20 August, 2010 - 06:00

The city council held an informational meeting with county residents on Tuesday to discuss the potential of a splash pad, improvements to the playground equipment, and other improvements at Riverside Park.  The city council has been reviewing these items for the last few months and is now reaching out to citizens for comments before action is taken.
The meeting was well attended and participation was strong.  Members London, Betz, and Mayor Egbert were present.  Member Betz and Mayor Egbert led the discussion of options for the splash pad and playground improvements.  There were several options presented that included various water features for the splash pad and the playground.
Those in attendance were very supportive of the initiative and seemed confident that the money could be raised.  They also provided a wide range of opinions and feedback on what should be included.  There were some children present and they also expressed their views on what would be the best alternatives.  The city has secured grants and other funding for the playground equipment, but is planning to raise funds to pay for the splash pad through donations.
The city is asking for all residents of Morgan County to get involved.  They are hoping to have a final decision by mid October on what will be included in the playground renovation and the splash pad.  They key decisions on the splash pad include the size, the number of features, and the water circulation system.  Once these decisions are made, a final budget can be established and the city can determine how much money will need to be raised.
Those in attendance seemed optimistic and excited about getting the community involved.  Member Betz’s usual excitement seemed to be caught and magnified by those attending.  The participants seemed eager to get started with the fund raising, and to have this addition to the park for the enjoyment of both city and county.  Several mothers present said that they currently travelled to South Ogden, Riverdale, or Roy for the day so their children could use facilities there.  There were hopeful that these improvements would be in place so they could stay in the county rather than travel.  Mayor Egbert said he was hopeful the city could have this improvement work done in time for summer next year.
The city plans to meet regularly on this item with citizens, receive feedback, and organize the efforts.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, August 26, at 6:00 p.m. at Riverside Park.  Everyone is invited to attend.  The city will try to provide an indication of the placement and size of the planned additions to the park.  Meetings will then follow on a regular basis.