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Meet The Candidate - Lyle Nelson

Article Date: 
20 August, 2010 - 06:00

Lyle Nelson is a candidate for County Council District 2.  He is running against James Montgomery.  Nelson was born in Utah and has lived most of his life here.  He spent many years in Sunset, but was looking for a good environment in which to raise his children.  He found that in Morgan and has lived here for the past 21 years.  He is married, has four grown children and seven grandchildren.  
Below are the answers to questions that will be posed to each of the candidates interviewed who are running for county council seats:
1.  Why are you running for county council?
“I am running because I feel a great desire to serve the people of Morgan County and specifically, those within District 2.”
2. What would you like to accomplish, if elected?
“I do not have an agenda or any preconceived ideas about what is best for the County.  I think that we have had good citizens on the County Council and also believe that they have striven to do their best for the County. My goal would be to continue that which has been best for the County and improve as we go along. That being said, fiscal prudence in these economic times is crucial.”
3. What do you think are the major issues facing the county?
“Obviously growth is a major concern and the resulting impact upon County services. I also see water management as a major issue that is connected to growth.”
4. Which of these issues are the most pressing? “Growth”
Do you have some ideas on how to address this issue?
“I would like to see the Council focus on reducing the requirements that we have developed over the years. As I have listened to issues that have come before the Council for the past several months, we have a variety of explicit requirements that make it harder for people to accomplish their goals as property owners. Obviously, a certain amount of ordinances are necessary, but perhaps a review of those ordinances is in order.”
5. What changes would you like to see in the county?
“I would like us to grow together as one people.”
6. What is your opinion on the county attempting to bring new businesses into the county?  
“I believe that we should attract more businesses into the County.
How would you attract businesses to the area?
“I think that we could have an economic/ business development center and offer short term incentives for businesses developed in Morgan and for those that stay. We should search out what other counties and the state have done and model our efforts after the best.”
7. How do you feel about the growth in the county?
“People are the life blood of any organization, Morgan County as well. I think that people should be treated fairly, equitably, legally and never handled.”

8. How do you feel about the quality of life in the county? What would you propose to enhance it?
“The quality of life in Morgan is excellent. What would you propose to enhance this quality of life? I think that the less that government intrudes into a person’s life, the better that individual has in terms of quality.”
9. Morgan County Revenues have declined in the past few years.  Do you think the county budgets are too generous and need to be trimmed?
“I think that Morgan County like any other organization that is funded needs to assure that expenditures are equal to or less than income.”
Do you think the County should raise property taxes?
“I do not feel that property taxes should be raised.”
Are there services that should be diminished or cancelled or services that should be expanded?
“This question needs more intense study of the specific details than I have access to. I would be very hesitant to expand services in our current budget situation and the current economic situation.”
10. Morgan County is non-partisan.  Should it continue this way or change to a partisan system?
“I am in favor of continuing our current system. Why? When we had a party system, there were always contentions within the county government and much more intrigue. Now we have a better opportunity of focusing upon the issues of the county, rather than those of a ‘party’.”
11. How do you picture Morgan County in five years from now and twenty years from now?
Much of what happens to Morgan County is reflected in what happens to the Wasatch Front. We have served as a bedroom community for the Front. We have few ‘destinations’ within the County, perhaps additional destination could be developed. If encouragement is given to entrepreneurs perhaps development could occur.”
12. Recently the County participated in Envision Morgan and other public input planning meetings.  Some respondents favored clustering development into specific areas with the remaining spaces undeveloped.  What is your vision for future development of the County?
“Any vision of the future should heavily involve the land owners. I believe that it is the land owners who should manage their own land including future development.”
13. Where do you stand on the issue of a Special Service District?
“I do not believe that this is the best direction for the County at this time.”
14. Where do you stand on the Aquatic Center?
See Question 13
15.  Is the Morgan School District giving children the quality of education they should have?
“I have been impressed with Morgan’s school and the dedication of the administration, staff and teachers.”
16. In the past citizens have often only become involved after a decision is made by the council.  What would you do to get people involved sooner?
“We live in a world dominated by electronic media. I believe that we could utilize that media more effectively in letting people know about issues and their status.”
17. What do you see as positive actions the Morgan County government has taken?
“It is impressive to me that there are so many times that the Council has made time available for the public to make comments. They have actively sought for input on issues.”
18. Knowing the diversity of issues faced by the council from legal issues to land management to personnel, public works, economic development, etc.  What skills do you bring to help the county with these issues?
“I spent 38 years working for the US Government. I managed multi-million dollar programs, over a hundred people, multi-state issues, environmental concerns, delicate interagency coordination’s, interactions with congressmen and other high level personnel, and many other issues. Personnel and budgetary issues were always things that had to be properly managed and laws, regulations complied with.“  
19. How would you vote if the majority of the constituents in your district favored one decision, but you personally favored a different decision?
“I generally strive to understand issues prior to making a decision.  In the past there have been times when I felt it was necessary to focus upon my understanding of an issue even when that understanding may set me at odds with other’s understanding. I would be elected to represent and serve my constituency; sometimes that service is done by not blindly following a particular direction.”
20.  What is your position on the Road Bond (should the council have passed this bond)?
“I believe that one of the County’s main requirements is to assure that roads are in good working order.”
21. Do you have time to serve in this role?
I have time available to dedicate to this position.