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Meet the Candidate - DeOrr Peterson

Article Date: 
14 October, 2011 (All day)


DeOrr Peterson is running for the Morgan City Council.  He has served on the City council for a combined total of approximately thirteen years.  He served from 1982-1986, from 1990-1994, and from 2005 to present.  Peterson has enjoyed his time on the council.  His experience has given him good perspective on the community, the challenges, opportunities, and changes over time.  He said that the current council gets along well and can come to decisions with good discussion and opinions shared in a respectful environment.  

Peterson moved to Morgan when he was one year’s old and has lived here more than sixty years.  Peterson and his wife, Ardath have five children, who live in Morgan.  They have more than thirty grandchildren and more than 40 great grandchildren.

Peterson has been working to facilitate bringing the DATC to Morgan and continues to do so.  The city helped the DATC obtain a grant to purchase the Val’s Flowers building and plans to put an entrepreneurial center at the site.  Peterson also continues to work, with others on the council, to bring more businesses to Morgan and hopes to find the right business to bring a hotel to the community.  He also believes the city should work to support the development at Como Springs, if that proceeds.  

Peterson has been pleased with the events that the city has hosted.  He pointed out the good attendance at the “Movie in the Park” events hosted by the city as well as the regular use of the playground equipment.  

Peterson is  a supporter of the proposed splash pad and expressed optimism that the city would gain enough donations and local support to construct it.  He believes it will be a great asset to the city and will be well used.  He said that he hopes it will draw people even from Summit County to the city.  

Peterson said that the council has made the necessary adjustments to the budget to bring expenditures in line with revenue.  Peterson has championed the maintenance and care of the cemeteries in the community and has been working to add the ground purchased a few years ago to the cemetery and have grass growing on the new piece.

Peterson believes that the relationship with the county has improved and that the city has a good relationship with the Sheriff’s department.  He said that the move to make the necessary changes in the law enforcement contract saved money that the city needed to cut, but maintained a dedicated law enforcement presence in the city.  Peterson was supportive of turning the City Justice Court over to the county since the court had been losing money and would run more efficiently when combined with the county operations.  

In addition to his service on the Morgan City council, Peterson has served in the Lions Club for many years.  He has held many leadership positions in the organization and has helped to provide service all over the county each year.