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A Look Back Before Going Forward

Article Date: 
31 December, 2010 - 06:00

As this is the last issue of The Morgan County News for 2010, I would like to give some thoughts from me as a person and me as the managing editor and then a few thoughts about 2011.
As for the newspaper, what I am most proud of is that we were not late once on the paper. As a weekly this is not an easy thing, and it also is a great complement to Don and Anne Anderson, the owners, to our printers and to the people that get us our newspapers from the printer. Some nights we are here right up until the paper is delivered to the post office.
The next thing that I think was important was that we went to a printer that gave us the ability to print more color. Our readers enjoy it, and our advertisers enjoy it.
The Morgan County News was taken back by me in the beginning of December of 2009, and then sold to Don and Anne Anderson. Since that time, they have done a great job of running the paper, and I love working here. Subscriptions are up, and they are great at what they do.
The feedback we get most about the paper this year is that the readers love Morgan Valley Memories, where I look back at old issues of the paper. It always makes me smile when people stop me and thank me for telling the story of their ancestors or the events of the years gone by.
The other thing that people tell us they love it Don’s column, Find Your Family. Don didn’t miss a week since they took over the paper, and it is not easy to not miss a week. My column has missed a lot of weeks.
Some of the great things I look forward to each and every day when I come into work, is to see the people that come in to the newspaper and copy center.  There are hundreds that have made me laugh, shared a funny or sad story or just to sit down and have a chat.  If you want me to really smile, have Floriene come in, or have Hugh or Ab come in to the office with their “U “hats one.  There are hundreds of others that make my day on a regular basis. My dad comes in almost everyday and tells the jokes. I love that there are children that come in almost everyday after school to ask for one piece of candy.  They know I will give them more.
We added a copy center the first of the year.  Many of those coming in to use it have told us how glad they are to have somewhere close for copies.  I have gotten to know so many more people in this county because of it, and it reminds me on a daily basis how many great people live in this community.
Lastly, on 2010, this business, which is entering its 88th year, would not be in business if it were not for our loyal advertisers. We have not raised our advertising rates for a long time, and we know every dollar advertisers spends needs to get people into their businesses. Please continue to support these businesses.
As for 2011, I look forward to coming to work on a daily basis. Not many people can say that.  I look forward to seeing the wonderful people of this county, and to tell their stories. I hope to meet more of you, laugh with you, and cry with you too. I love this business, and I am glad I am back at the newspaper that I love, and I wish each of you a great 2011!