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Local running for state senate gains endorsements

Article Date: 
25 April, 2014 (All day)

Heavy-hitting endorsements are pouring in for a local county resident running for State Senate 18. 
Utah State Auditor John Dougall, Morgan County Attorney Jann Farris and local businessman John  Barber recently endorsed Lars Birkeland in his campaign for the State Senate seat against opponent and fellow Republican Ann Millner.
“Lars Birkeland is a strong conservative with a proven track record as a leader in the Republican party,” Dougall said.  “Lars will be a great addition to the Utah State Senate.  I’m excited to see him hit the ground running.”
Farris said he appreciates Birkeland’s willingness to serve, his conservative values and courage to stand up for his beliefs.
“I find myself inline almost to a T with your conservative position of the issues facing us,” Farris wrote Birkeland in the endorsement.  “I have been ashamed of some members of the Republican Party in Utah and their seeming liberal views of many of those same issues.”
Farris compared Birkeland to Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz and Rob Bishop.
“I see in you similar qualities as these leaders and know you will represent us well,” Farris said.
“I truly believe Lars will be a conservative, fiscally prudent voice in the state legislature,” Barber said.  “Lars shares the political ideals of my precinct.  Lars’ ideal for strong values, against common core, limited smaller government and lower taxes are consistent with the values of the precinct voters as well as myself.”
The endorsements come on the eve of the Utah State Republican Convention Saturday, where delegates must choose the candidates to represent their party in upcoming elections.  In this case, only Milliner or Birkeland will proceed to the ballot after the convention.