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Local family feels the holiday spirit, fills a trailer of donations

Article Date: 
30 November, 2012 (All day)

Melanie and Eric Moore and their family collected over 100 bags of items to be donated to St. Anne’s homeless shelter in Ogden.  They filled a trailer with clothes, books, used and new toys, blankets, gloves, hygiene items, diapers and other types of donations.  “Anything people brought we took,” Melanie explained.  The shelter needs warm items to hand out during the cold months.  They love to have toys to hand out for holidays and birthdays.  The shelter accepts any kind of donation.  St. Anne’s goal is to help individuals and families move into permanent housing, so any items that are not used at the shelter are used to help people when they accomplish that goal.  People are generally moving with no possessions and these items help them get established.   
This spirit of giving started Nov. 2011, when Melanie decided she wanted her family to do something to serve others and give.  Inspired by hearing about different organizations and church groups serving meals at St. Anne’s, she decided she wanted her family to have an opportunity to give.  Since she didn’t have any direct affiliation with the shelter, she went to the phone book and called to see how they could help.  
Initially the family was told that all of the food serving opportunities were booked from Thanksgiving until Christmas but they were in great need of donations of warm items.  The shelter called them back a short time later and asked if they could come right away because there had been a cancelation and they were shorthanded.  They jumped at the opportunity.  After seeing the need for donations, the Moore family set to work gathering donations for the shelter.  They posted on Facebook and delivered flyers around town and were happy to receive enough items to deliver two SUVs full of items to donate.  
This year they were overwhelmed when they received nearly 10 times as many donations.  The Moore’s often did not even see who contributed.   They enjoyed finding bags of donations on their doorstep every time they came and went.  “We finally had to pull out the car,” Melanie said.  They filled their garage with the constant donations. 
It was surprising to this helpful family how overwhelmingly generous the community was.  The volume of donations got so large that they realized they were going to have to come up with a different way to transport this year’s items. They called Melanie’s dad, Verl Mecham, to see if he wanted to get involved with the service project.  Known for his generosity, he quickly agreed to help with their endeavor and they filled his trailer to the brim. 
The trailer pulled into St. Anne’s shelter on Wednesday, Nov. 21, the day before Thanksgiving.   As they handed over bag after bag of donations to the grateful recipients, the Moore’s became more and more thankful for their own blessings.  
They have visited the shelter several times in the past and typically hadn’t seen many of the people that would actually be receiving the items.  However, on this particular day the area was lined with tables that offered coats, gloves, hats, etc. for those in need and recipients were roaming finding the articles they needed. Mecham was happy to see that the shelter and the volunteers there had the items they needed.   
The volunteers helping unload asked what organization was bringing such a large donation.  They were surprised when Melanie told them, “It’s just some nice Morgan people.”  The shelter said they have had many calls from Morgan residents calling to see what they can do to help.  
While this may sound like a huge task to take on, the Moore’s said it was a really super easy service project that will benefit hundreds of people. 
The Moores encourage people to donate to any organization.  They feel whether it is St. Anne’s, Deseret Industries, The Christmas Box House,  Salvation Army or anywhere that helps those in need, it is a great thing.  “It doesn’t really cost anything,” Melanie explained.  By cleaning out closets and cupboards we can make sure that people who really need help get it.  
Saint Anne’s Center has a current needs list on their website and Christmas Box House has a wish list on its website as well.  
Donate to these 
charities in Ogden 
• St. Anne’s Center
137 West Binford
• Salvation Army of Ogden
2611 Grant Ave
• Deseret Industries
2048 Washington Blvd
• Christmas Box House
1181 Christmas Box Lane (950 E.)