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Letter to the Editor - Voted Levy

Article Date: 
17 May, 2013 (All day)

Dear Editor:
I am in favor of the voted local levy and will vote “FOR” on June 25th.  I have lived in 5 western states and have had children attend schools in all 5 of those states.  The Morgan School District is by far the best of the other schools our children have attended.  My youngest 3 children graduated from Morgan and had a marvelous experience.
While no one wants to pay higher property taxes there are times and circumstances which should be evaluated.  I have done a little research and have discovered that the Morgan School District is one of the few remaining school districts without a voted leeway.  The other districts without the leeway all receive Necessarily Existent Small Schools funding. (This is extra funding for districts where schools are smaller and is supposed to help them be able to pay the extra costs of being smaller).  In a recent survey conducted by the Beaver School District the Morgan teacher compensation is below average and their fund balance as a percentage of expenditures is the second lowest in the state.  
These figures may not mean much but what it means is Morgan is at a crucial crossroads.   If the residents of the county want a great education system there needs to be some investment.  The state is not making that investment anything above the basic level and the federal government is going through Sequestration.  If we want a great education for our students the burden of this choice will fall to the county residents.  
There is a saying which is true in every aspect of life.  “You will never get anything more out of this than you are willing to put into it.”  Our school system is the same.  If we want students who are truly prepared for success we need to put some more into the system.  I’m willing to give up a dinner out once a month to invest in our schools.  I trust our school board!  They are not bureaucrats in a far off city; they are our friends and neighbors.  We elected them to do a job so let’s help them do it by voting “FOR” the local levy.
~ Rick Barnes
Mountain Green