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Letter to the Editor - Thanks to a Wonderful Coach

Article Date: 
28 January, 2011 (All day)


Dear Editor,

Last weekend the Morgan High wrestling team travelled to Delta to compete in an important two-day multi-school tournament.  Unfortunately a couple of our Morgan wrestlers ended up in the hospital due to some fairly serious injuries.  I was at work when I received a call from Coach Allen that our son, Christian, had dislocated his elbow during a match and was on his way to the local hospital.  My wife jumped in the car to make the three hour drive to Delta.  

I then received a call from the head coach, Cody Payne, who said he was with our son at the hospital.  I told Coach Payne that my wife was on her way and he could leave Christian in the care of medical staff and get back to the team.

To my surprise, Coach Payne said he would not leave Christian alone.  I heard later that Coach Payne, at our son’s request, gave him a blessing and never left him.  Later in the tournament another Morgan wrestler, Jackson Lake, broke his leg in two places.  Our prayers go to Jackson as he recovers from surgery.

My purpose for writing is to point out that we have heroes among us who care about coaching our youth in sports and, importantly, care about coaching them in life.  In times of crisis we often learn what to care about.  Our Morgan Wrestling staff taught me and our son a great lesson of caring last weekend.  Thanks for your examples, Coach Payne and Coach Allen.

Brad & Johanna Winn