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Letter to the Editor - Sickened Morgan Citizen

Article Date: 
9 December, 2011 (All day)


The greatest of teacher said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”  A perfect admonition, but have you ever been the one who has been cursed?  Do you even know those which despitefully use you and persecute you?  Thanks to the editor, Don Anderson and the Morgan County News, Josie Foster does; and thanks to Don, WE are the enemy!

When I moved to Morgan more than half a decade ago, I was moving to a place with the home-town values I wanted my children to cherish—values like genuine love, service, and community.  Since that moment, this great town has lived up to my every hope.  The day I moved into town, Dan Dixon—long time Morgan resident, and a man I had never met previously—showed up at my house with nearly ten friends he had called to help me unload my moving van.  Since that day, I have witnessed countless services of love and concern from the genuine, caring people of our town.

Last week, I saw a darker side that I didn’t know existed in Morgan.  When I saw the picture of Josie Foster on the front page with the editor airing what I suppose is the dirtiest laundry he could find, I was troubled . . . no, sickened.  Normal publications have a ‘transcripts’ section for people who want to know police activity.  How did Foster’s case earn a malicious front page attack on a loving mother of four, friend to many, and valuable member of our community?

Is this a town of hate?  Is this a town where people who have problems will have said concerns shouted from the house tops?  If we go down the road the editor of the Morgan County News apparently wants us to travel, we are as ruthless as a town can be.  I thought we were a community that reaches out to people in need.  Does Don Anderson really have any idea what transpired that day?  Personal conversations with the Foster family indicate that Josie is a victim of circumstance in this drama (in which we’re all now “privileged” to play a part).  Why wasn’t the story, “local mother accused while trying to help a neighbor”?

But Josie’s “story” is not the point here.  Why are we making cruel front page publications out of the lives of good people?  That’s not right.  That’s not what Morgan is about.  It’s not what I’m about, and it’s not what any of us should be about.  Advertisers, subscribers, and readers of the Morgan County News, what are you about?  As for me—my support of Don Anderson and his agenda to make this town something it is not is over.


Blaine D. Hone

Sickened Morgan Citizen