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Letter to the Editor - School District Transportation Budget

Article Date: 
22 July, 2011 (All day)


I have a few comments about the front page article about the Morgan County School District Transportation Department being over budget.  We know the main reason for this cost overage is due to fuel cost for an ever growing school system.  The school district is concerned with the future needs of a new school or even two new schools and remodeling cost.  They don’t have the money.  The school district talks about increasing school fees for students.  This school fee idea will only create a few thousand dollars which is nowhere close to the amount necessary to keep up with the cost of education.   I applaud the school district for not asking for a new Morgan County School District Office and Administration building.  They are working out of a small office in front of the Morgan Elementary School.  Good for them.  

The real issue is how to cut cost or raise more money for the School District.  We could find ways to cut cost but that would only create a small amount of money and no where enough to build schools and a quality education for our children.   The real issue is to create more money without over burdening the tax payers in the county.  The problem is not the School District.  The real issue has been created by the City and County Government Leaders in the last 30 years.  

We need to create growth and a larger tax base in the county and city.  We need tax revenue from more business and more homes built for families to live here.   I think most families want their children to live close to the home and family they grew up by.  As it is now when our children get married they usually move away and the community has lost in quality of family, future growth and families, we have also lost our investment of education in our children for the area.  

We need to create more business in the area and jobs for our children and adults to work in.  Our City and County Government Leaders for years have been so concerned with keeping Morgan the same as it has always been.  They have done a good job at doing this.  Times have changed and if we want to keep families together in the area we need to find reasons to create a larger tax base in various ways.  We really need to create more money and not cut, cut, cut.   

Commercial Street is just about dead.   It needs to come alive again with a reason for us to shop there and for people on the West side of the mountain to come up here.  We need to think of all kinds of ideas to recreate Morgan.  This is a beautiful place to live and can remain so.  

Our City and County Leaders need to spend one half of their time in reasons to develop housing and businesses and not in reasons why they don’t want them created.  I don’t like to see good development and good people turned away from this area because our city leaders have made requirements so tight to develop that they go to other areas.  We need to think in terms of finding ways to make development work and work properly and not ways to say “NO” to growth and development.

David L. Preece