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Letter to the Editor - Response to “Biker” Letter

Article Date: 
17 June, 2011 (All day)


Dear Editor,

…and readers.  This is in response to “The Biker” letter in your 6-10-11 issue.  The letter was written to “you”, which, barring further clarification, includes everyone besides the writer, including me.  “I”, and “you”, are found guilty of a lot of indecent, unthoughtful, vile things, culminating finally in cutting the biker off and killing him.  Now I’m definitely not perfect, but I’m not all those bad things, and I’ve certainly never harmed or killed a biker.  I feel like I, and the vast majority of the “you”, have been accused, found guilty, and sentenced, without ever being known, heard, or having a fair trial. 

Well, of course, Mr. Biker, I know you are just venting concerns and frustrations.  But accusing and offending doesn’t help.  Couldn’t you do it more tactfully?  Perhaps you could give a view from your world—how long hair and leather and noisy bikes don’t make you a bad person, how you are responsible and have feelings and emotions and loved ones.  You could even picture for “us” the joy you feel astride your throbbing machine with the wind blowing your hair and the camaraderie of your fellow bikers. 

And you might enlighten us with your special concerns—such as being a smaller object and not so easily seen, and how bikers take special precautions to avoid dangers, and whatever else that I don’t even know.

In your letter you depict “The Biker” as a pretty decent person.  I accept that, unless proven otherwise.  Please allow the rest of us, the “you”, the same accord.  The vast majority of people, bikers and non-bikers, are decent folk.

And lastly, I suspect “The Biker” has been around the biking community a long time, and just gets aired every so often, as in this case.


John Triplett

Mountain Green