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Letter to the Editor - Paul Jeppson

Article Date: 
7 February, 2014 (All day)

Dear Editor,
I have lived here in Morgan now for 17 ½ years. This city and county have a population of great and loving people, parents, grandparents and charming and lovely children.  I know that it is a national thing, but I cannot understand why we call our dear children kids – young goats.
Cats have kittens, dogs have puppies, cows have calves, sheep have lambs, goats have kids.  People have children.  Why do we call them kids – young goats?
If these children are young goats then you mothers and grandmothers must all be nanny goats and your fathers and grandfathers are billy goats.  
My challenge to you parents, grandparents, school teachers, school staff, newspapers…let’s lead out in a plan and effort to pay respect to our dear children and recognize them as children, not young goats.
~ Paul Jeppson