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Letter to the Editor - One Dream, One Goal, One Team, One Soul

Article Date: 
9 December, 2011 (All day)

Last April a talented group of dancers tried out and became a team.  One Dream, One Goal, One Team, One Soul, Morgan High School Troyettes.  20 girls started this journey, which they would come to find is a very rocky, steep climb.

They have encountered MANY trials along the way, which would break the spirit of any normal teenager.  Losing 5 members of the team due to injury and other issues, also now working on their third coach this year, these girls press on.  

Amidst it all, these now 16 beautiful young ladies just want to do what they set out to do last April, DANCE.  You see them at ½ time dancing and you see them through the crowd during the games, but do you really see them for what they have become?  A strong united group of girls, who despite all of their hardships, hold their heads high and are proud to be a member of the Troyettes.

So next time you are at the high school gym, cheering on your child or just watching your favorite sports team, stop during half time and pay tribute to my favorite sports team, you certainly won’t be disappointed.  They are 16 of the most beautiful girls you will every see, with a heart for dance that you will not find anywhere else.

I love all of these girls and I am so proud of them for sticking with it, through all of the hardships.  I think I can speak for all of the Troyette parents when I say thank you to Cherry, for giving up A LOT of behalf of the girls and the Troyettes program and thank you to our community for always supporting us.

Go Troyettes!!!

Erika Sorensen