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Letter to the Editor - Memories of Como Springs

Article Date: 
2 September, 2011 (All day)


My name is Clyde Criddle. I have very fond memories of Como Springs, in fact very good ones. I worked for the Heiners for a few years mostly as a pin setter in the bowling alley and other jobs as needed. 

I belonged to the Morgan high school band for four years and we played concerts in como springs during the summer.  Playing in the band we got to swim for free I did anyway since I worked for the Heiners those years. The pools were great.  I became a very good swimmer. During the cold weather I was baptized in the indoor pool, which was very special. 

I hope if they buy the property they bring it back to its full potential.  I loved Como Springs.


Clyde E. Criddle 

Oh, by the way, I like The Morgan County News