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Letter to the Editor - from Kelly Wright

Article Date: 
10 May, 2013 (All day)

I will vote “FOR” Proposition #1 on June 25th
Why…?  Morgan School District authorized a special election June 25 to approve a voted local levy to help fund general operations in our schools. If the levy passes, UCA § 53A-17a-133 makes Morgan eligible for extra state funding. I have studied the issues. I have spoken with persons for and against the voted local levy. And after careful study, reflection and thought – recognizing the challenges of any tax increase – I will vote “FOR” Proposition #1 on June 25 for three key reasons.  I am persuaded this tax increase is appropriate at this time.
First, the need is real.  I have walked the school hallways. I have attended school activities and spoken with educators. I have watched and spoken with our children. There is a funding need – it is real. From oversized classrooms to limited teaching tools and resources, I submit the critical need is self evident to an open inquiring mind. And no, the Trojan Center did not create this need. Contributing factors include slow recovery from a great recession, reduced state and federal funding, increased enrollment, rising costs and elevated standards of academic excellence.
Second, I trust my friends.  All seven of mine and Sherie’s children are products of Morgan schools. We voted for school board members and we have rubbed shoulders with many administrators and teachers. We have expressed opinions at board meetings. While I have not always agreed on all points with our educators, they are my friends and I support them. Their hearts lie with the success of our children. I see their vision and I trust their judgment. They listen now and I am confident they will listen for years to come. If you do not know them, take an opportunity soon; they are easily reached. As educators tasked by Utah’s Constitution to provide public education, they have my trust and support.  
Finally, I love and support our kids; I will always have their back.  These taxes are committed to go to school instruction, not capital improvements. They will enhance educational opportunities for our children who always remain our greatest stewardship. Our children received a great education, but certain opportunities eluded them because of funding limitations. I want this next generation to have the best – the very best, whether my grandchildren, or the children or grandchildren of my neighbors and friends, I’m in it for the kids.  
You can vote Tuesday, June 25 at the County Courthouse or Mountain Green Elementary School. There is only one issue on the ballot, and it may define a brighter future for our children. I will vote “FOR” Proposition #1. I welcome responsible dialog with anyone.
~ Kelly Wright