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Letter to the Editor from Jerry & Nedra Peterson and DeOrr & Ardath Peterson

Article Date: 
24 May, 2013 (All day)

This letter is written in support of the Morgan School Board’s proposed voted levy.  We have been impressed over the years with the quality of the educational programs provided for the students in Morgan County.  Our children have all graduated from the school system and have found success in post high school educational and employment pursuits.  We attribute this to the quality and effort of the educators involved in the school system, and in the leadership of those who have served on the school board over the years.
It seems that each time an issue requiring the expending of additional revenues, such as for the construction of buildings needed for an expanding student population, there is opposition raised to the issue.  Time and money is spent on trying to convince the public that there really is a need.  After the costs have risen and the crunch of need is felt, we approve the process and attempt to provide that which is needed to educate our children.  In the meantime, we are required to pay considerably more for the same product that could have been reasonably built and used in the intervening years, if we would have trusted in the school board’s original decision. 
We believe that school boards, over the years, have been wise in expending resources and in encouraging us to trust them in their proposals.  We don’t believe they have tried to convince us of something they had neither studied nor approved, which was not for the betterment of our children.  This time is no exception.  
From time to time most organizations and individuals find that revenues do not keep pace with expenditures; Morgan School District has found themselves in that condition now.  They have no magic source of income other than that provided by the state, federal and local taxes.  The one funding source which has not been tapped is the Voted Levy, a local assessment (tax) which the Legislature opened as a funding stream several years ago.  Their philosophy appears to be that we have provided what we can and if you want more, ask your local tax payers to approve an additional amount (levy) to fund needed programs.  Our teachers and programs have felt the pinch. They are carrying their load, and we believe that we, as taxpayers, can help improve and preserve lower class sizes and programs.   
Like everyone, we don’t like to pay additional taxes.  However, with the tightened budget confronting the school district, we see of no other source of revenue available to them than that which the public can provide through this levy.  We appreciate the way the board has approached the problem, having already made important budget cutting decisions.  Now that they have gone as far as is safe for the education of our children, they come to us, the public, to approve additional help.  We will vote for the proposed levy and hope that you too will support it by voting for Proposition #1 on June 25.
~ Jerry & Nedra Peterson
DeOrr & Ardath Peterson