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Letter to the Editor - From David H. Horne

Article Date: 
1 June, 2012 (All day)

After WW II, I was sent to Germany and learned how Hitler overwhelmed a progressive, hard working, and brilliant people, like Americans.  So I’m warning about our own country’s hazard. 

The Golden Rule is said to be, “Whoever has the gold makes the rules!”  NOT SO in the US SENATE;  the majority party’s senior Senators become committee chairmen, make the rules, and usually decide what becomes law.  Obama is destroying our economy and assaulting our Constitutional Freedoms.  With Senator Hatch’s seniority he’s due to be the Finance Committee Chairman who can set 60 percent of the budget and will balance the budget immediately if Republicans prevail.  He voted to lower taxes more than 50-times in just this term alone, including the Bush tax cut extension.  Senator Hatch supports and can defend Utah military bases and prevent Utah from becoming a radioactive waste dump.  Hatch also fought against Obama-Care, and will defend our Constitutional Rights.  He is a fierce, NRA endorsed, supporter of our right to bear arms;  when Hitler confiscated private weapons he and his Gestapo showed that whoever has the guns makes the rules, and the German people became his prisoners and slaves; the Jews were prevented from escaping.  Support Utah and freedom by supporting  Orrin Hatch.    

David H. Horne, 

Chemical/Aerospace Engineer