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Letter to the Editor - From Dave Preece

Article Date: 
17 August, 2012 (All day)

Morgan County is a buzz with worries of tax increases and what is the School Board going to do to pay for all their expenses.  This is not a fun time to be on the School Board, but I admire them for attacking this problem head on.  I think, I can stand for the county school bus drivers and say “Thank You” to the County for the new Bus Garage.  We have been in need of this facility for years.  The debate is over if it should have been built at this time.  I don’t know how it was paid for but it will be put to good use.  We now have the capability of lifting a bus to do repairs and inspections under it.  This is a huge time savings and cost savings over what the transportation had in the past.  Along with these savings comes the issue of safety.  We have a safe facility to work in.  Thanks to everyone in the county as this facility has become a reality and we “Thank You.” 
Dave Preece