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Letter to the Editor - County Council At Large Seat

Article Date: 
12 November, 2010 - 06:00

 My husband and I did our due diligence in researching the qualifications, etc in reference to Clark, Hatch and Kilmer.  In the primary we chose Clark because we felt that she would serve the County fairly and honestly.  Since she was eliminated, the next choice in the General was Hatch.  He received the most votes but then conceded the election to Kilmer “because he felt that Kilmer was the better candidate to serve our county”.  We feel that he took it upon himself to determine who our representative is to be regardless of how the majority voted (sounds like Washington).  After talking to him, he stands by his decision.  My question to him was, “Why didn’t you withdraw before the election and allow the two primary candidates that received votes compete?  Why did you run in the first place?  Is there more to this below the radar screen?  How can you sincerely justify your actions?  As Chairman of the local Republican Party, is this the way our party is run in Morgan...You decide what’s best for Morgan County?”
 I can’t express my disappointment and disapproval loudly enough for Mr. Hatch’s action.  His actions may be legal but where is his honesty and integrity with the voters?  I suggested to him that he not run for any other position of trust.
 Emory Levy