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Letter to the Editor - Constitution Party Organizing Convention

Article Date: 
8 April, 2011 (All day)


As Larry Hatch stated in his letter to the editor of March 25, the county political parties are holding their organizing conventions, beginning with the Republican Convention on April 9. 

The Constitution Party convention will be April 15 at 7PM at the County Courthouse auditorium. We will be electing a County Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and additional delegates to the state convention, to be held May 14 in Salt Lake City. County citizens who affiliate with, and who register as a member of the Constitution Party (go visit with the County Clerk), are eligible for one of these offices.

At our County Convention, we will also have our State Party Chairman and other Party leaders in attendance, to speak and answer questions.

We invite you to come and mingle with us, especially as we partake of the refreshments.

 Leo Gordon Olsen

  Morgan County Constitution Party Chair