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Letter to the Editor - Commercial St. comes alive

Article Date: 
21 October, 2011 (All day)


Dear Editor:

A light was on Saturday night on the otherwise dark Commercial Street.  My husband and I rubber-necked half way to State. “What was that?!”

    All I could see was a glimpse of colorful paintings, a flash of guitar, and the faces of people singing and having fun. “Sign said ‘Open Mic Night’.”

    Later that night we swung back around to check it out.  The atmosphere was friendly and fun.  The variety of musical styles and the talent represented was wonderful.  Most of the performances were original compositions that kept our feet tapping and hands clapping and some even touched our hearts.  Though we were only  spectators, we were welcomed and felt encouraged.  I went home dreaming of what I could bring to the stage next week.

    Do you play an instrument?  Do you write music or sing?  Maybe you are a performance poet or a closet comedian. Or do you just love listening to quality live local talent?  Then go check it out!  157 Commercial Street (in the old bank building) 6pm-9pm every Saturday night.  See you there! Miriam S. Erickson, Morgan County Resident