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Letter to the Editor - From Aunt Bonnie, Loraine, LaReta, Hazel, & Wanema

Article Date: 
10 August, 2012 (All day)

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, I was reminded of why I cherish my small town roots. In small towns, even still today, integrity, humanity, kindness and sympathy are still a way of life for people in small towns. One member of your small town of Morgan, Utah, proved that to us. 
My aunt, three sisters, and I had the privilege of being the recipient of your small town mentality. After attending the funeral for a relative in Morgan, Utah, we were needing to get some lunch before our trip home. We stopped at the Subway and with 5 us it was taking a while for us to decide what we wanted. A gentleman by the name of Ray Gomez was behind us in line and inquired about why we were all dressed up. We explained, and then told him to go ahead of us because we would be a while. Ray declined politely, even though he was on a lunch break and needing to get back to work; he took the time to show respect for us and our situation. He then paid for all 5 of our luches -  which was no small bill. 
As children growing up in Vernal, Utah, we were always taught to show respect for the deceased and their family. We were told to put the deceased family first before our own needs. If we where on our bikes or walking, we where taught to get off of our bikes, stand and wait patiently, reverently and respectfully until the precession had gone by. We did the same if we were in a car or whatever, we were to wait respectfully and let them pass first. Our own mother before she passed away said, “People do not even take the time to bury their dead anymore.” Ray Gomez reminded us of the respect we should show to the deceased and their loved ones left behind. Our cousin may not have been a war hero, a dignitary, an actor or someone known nationwide, however, he was a member of a small town that still holds to the values that this country was founded upon.
Morgan, Utah, you can be proud of Ray Gomez, and all of the citizens of your small town who are heros to others, even strangers. We personally want to thank Ray Gomez for his kind gesture and let everyone know, what a hero he is to us and to your community.
Aunt Bonnie, Loraine, LaReta, Hazel, & Wanema