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Letter to the Editor - 1-84 sloppy patch work

Article Date: 
2 March, 2012 (All day)

Any damage to your vehicle from I-84 road work lately? I have... gravel-caused rock chips from sloppy patch work on Jan. 30. 

I was upset, so I called UDOT to make a claim; who deferred me to Geneva Rock(subcontractor), who deferred me to Zurich Insurance (liability out of CA), who, from California the next day, with no local road inspection, denied my claim... Oh, “they’re not at fault”. (Well, who put the road patch there? The birds passing by? I don’t think so). 

So I complained in the opposite order Zurich, no response Geneva Rock, sorry, it’s out of our hands’ UDOT, We have to back up Zurich’---What a runaround! So I’ve written lots of Legislators (ESP. those on the Transportation Committee) and now to you. Your Damage? Call Alan Nielsen UDOT Region 1(801-620-1603). If you get the runaround, complain to your Legislator. In fact, consider a complaint anyway. There has to be a better way to fix the road than this!   


~ Tom DeVroom. S.L.C.                   

P.S. Attention goes to those who make problems the most noticed.  

P.S.S. Ryan at Fairway Glass in Morgan, does a great rock-chip repair!