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Letter to the Editor

Article Date: 
15 June, 2012 (All day)

Dear Editor,
Regarding Mr. Hornes letter to the editor that was published in the June 1 edition of The Morgan County News, I would first suggest that there are about 6.6 million Americans that would take great offense to your comparing of anything going on in the U.S. to the holocaust and the mass murder of 6 million people in WWII.
But, if we were going to indulge in this analogy, would it not also be a valid comparison to talk about the taking away of rights based on a given class of a person. Such as a bunch of geriatric white men deciding what rights a woman has with regards to her body, or what rights a gay couple has?
I feel the greatest failing in the U.S. today is the all-or-none view many have of politics and politicians. I believe with all my being that both sides of the aisle are doing and pushing for what they believe will be best for this amazing country. I happen to agree more strongly with one side, but that does not mean the other is criminal or without morals. The all or none view is what is making the country less than it can be. The spirit of cooperation and compassion has been eroded away in politics. Until we can all become happy living the gray roughly 50 percent of us will always be unhappy. 
I thank you for your selfless service to our country.    
 Sincerely, Colin Shaw