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Jr Livestock Show

Article Date: 
10 June, 2011 (All day)


The 56th Annual Morgan County Jr. Livestock Show was held on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at the Morgan County Fairgrounds. 230 4-H and FFA exhibitors from Morgan County and several other counties in Utah and Wyoming showed steers, hogs and lambs.  

This show provides fitting and showing experience.  Morgan County 4-H/FFA exhibitors are required to participate in this show or the Oakley Jr. Livestock Show on June 18th to qualify to sell their animals at the Morgan Co. Jr. Livestock Sale held August 6th during the Morgan County Fair.

In addition to showing their animals, exhibitors participated in a judging contest.  Four hogs, lambs and steers were judged separately by the exhibitors who were required to place them from 1st to 4th and mark their placements on a judging card. A judge then placed the animals and explained their reasons to help teach the youth what type of animals they should choose for livestock projects.  Mark McMillan judged the hogs, Randy Potter judged the lambs and Jordan Deru judged the steers.  The exhibitors received points for coming closest to the judge’s placement.

The show judges for showmanship and quality judging were all members of the Casper College Judging Team and reside in Vernal.  Amy Henline judged the hogs.  Jeff Long judged the steers and Rhett Long judged the lambs. Thanks to everyone who helped make this show a success! See you at the fair!

The results of the show were:


Seniors (9-12th grade)

Shawn Francis – 1st

Ethan Porter – 2nd

Megan Stapley – 3rd

Intermediate (6-8th grade)

Peyton Lish – 1st

Sundance Watts 2nd

Dallin Snyder and Elizabeth Peterson – 3rd

Juniors (3rd-5th grade)

Cache Hogan – 1st

Brynlee Wixom – 2nd

Jentrie Crouch – 3rd


Grand Champion Hog - Trever Ward

Reserve Champion Hog - Derek Steed

Grand Champion Senior Showman - Trever Ward

Reserve Champion Senior Showman - Trevor Ekstrom

Grand Champion Intermediate Showman - Lilly Henry

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman - Hayden Carter

Grand Champion Junior Showman - Garrett Steed

Reserve Champion Junior Showman - Morgan Balding



Grand Champion Lamb - Dalton Rees

Reserve Champion Lamb - Josh Ovard

Grand Champion Senior Showman - Savannah Steed

Reserve Champion Senior Showman - Karlee Oelke

Grand Champion Intermediate Showman - Kendall Gibson

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman - Cody Dawson

Grand Champion Junior Showman - Katherine Gibson

Reserve Champion Junior Showman - Brynlee Wixom



Grand Champion Steer - Bailee Gibson

Reserve Champion Steer - Bennet Gibson

Grand Champion Senior Showman - Karlee Oelke

Reserve Champion Senior Showman - Holden Steed

Grand Champion Intermediate Showman - Bailee Gibson

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman - Bennet Gibson

Grand Champion Junior Showman - Cache Hogan

Reserve Champion Junior Showman - Jakob House