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Josephine Clark, a friend of 4-H

Article Date: 
24 February, 2012 (All day)


If being involved in something for 72 years makes you an expert, then Josephine Clark would definitely be an expert in 4-H!  She is one of the many people in our community that has helped shape 4-H in Morgan County. Josephine’s 4-H experiences have ranged from being a member, a leader, and a mother of 10 children who were very involved. 

Josephine started 4-H as a 12 year old living in Cache Valley. Her favorite club was the sewing club she was involved in. She clearly remembers great leaders who helped her to excel and become better. 

A highlight of Josephine’s 4-H experiences has been her international travels. Four years after WWII she was involved with IFYE (International 4-H Youth Exchange), which lead her to most of her travels. On her first trip she traveled to France, Belgium, and Holland. She lived in Holland for 4-5 months and then went to Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Italy. A few years later she and her husband, Rich, traveled to New Zealand for an International conference. On their way back they stopped in Australia, Fiji, and Tahiti. Josephine has also traveled all over America to attend 4-H events and conferences.

One of her favorite memories of 4-H is hatching baby chicks at the fair. The club would purchase eggs, put them in an incubator, and actually hatch them at the fair. Everyone in attendance loved it! One mother said, “This is the best thing at the fair!” The kids loved to hold and play with the cute chicks.  

Some of the clubs Josephine has taught over the years are quilting, basket weaving, stained glass, clothing, home improvement, foods, livestock, and wood refinishing. She was also a Morgan County Extension Agent for about 19 years where she led many county wide 4-H events.  It would be difficult to count all of the lives she has touched in our community. Thanks Josephine Clark for all your service in 4-H! We are pleased to honor you during this 2012 Centennial year celebration!