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International attention for local artist

Article Date: 
20 July, 2012 (All day)

Local artist Kim Corpany is known all over the world for her bronze sculptures set at prominent points.  She discovered her talent for and love of art early on.  In kindergarten, she determined a picture she was assigned to color wasn’t quite right.  She drew in a different black line and then colored it in.  Her teacher scolded her for not coloring in the lines even after attempts to explain the imperfections.  Disheartened, she took the picture home.  Upon review, her mother explained Kim should keep coloring the way she thought best.  
Corpany received a toy horse every Christmas and birthday.  She studied every horse on the shelf to try and find the perfect horse.  When she grew dissatisfied with the horses that were offered, she would modify her horses to perfection.  At the age of 8 or 9, she started altering her horses.  With help from her father, Dave Corpany, she would modify them and sand them down.  She would change placement of legs, mane, tail or any other equine imperfection.  Already entrenched in her passion for horses, she found the only reason for Barbie dolls was to have someone ride the horses.
“Where I came from, you can make anything,” Kim informed.  Her mother taught art at the local high school and her father taught in the shop, so between her mom’s creativity and her dad’s ability to build and make things, she began to think everyone was creative.  It took her a long time to realize not everyone is as creative as her family. “Somewhere she discovered if she could dream it up, she could make it,” Kim’s mother Joann Corpany described. 
Her love of horses has continued throughout her life.  She currently maintains eight horses she looks forward to spending time with on weekends.  Corpany enjoys using horses as her subjects in art.  
Corpany generally works with a partner Stan Watts.  Gifted in sculpting horses, her partner is talented in sculpting people.  From cowboys lassoing calves to world leaders on majestic horses, the duo is able to capture the entire moment.  
The pair has several bronze statues across the country that millions have enjoyed.   In 2009 they traveled to Washington D.C. to create a patriotic piece of history.  The title of this work is “On a Firm Foundation” and brings feelings of pride in our great country.  
Another statue many residents of Morgan, as well as visitors from around the world, have enjoyed since 2007 is a bronze rendering of Joseph and Hyrum Smith leaving the temple for the last time on their way to Carthage Jail.  Kim had many wonderful experiences from start to finish with this project.  
Kim almost missed an unexpected call a few years ago.  Seeing a phone number with a plus sign and a string of numbers unfamiliar to her she determined it was a telemarketer and did not answer.  Listening to the message Kim realized this wasn’t a sales call; it was actually a call to have Kim fly to Abu Dhabi to complete a bronze statue of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan galloping on his horse.  After finding Abu Dhabi on a map, Kim set to work here in the United States.  Because of crime through the seas in the Middle East, the sculpture could not be sent by freight.  Instead they sent the sculpture piece by piece to the small country of United Arab Emirates.  When the pieces arrived at the resort where the sculpture was to be placed, she and her partner Watts traveled across the world to finish their work of art.