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Holcim presents $10,000 check to Morgan City

Article Date: 
14 February, 2014 (All day)

Holcim representatives, including Holcim Plant Manager David Fletcher, met with Morgan City Mayor Jim Egbert and City Councilwoman Shelly Betz to present a check to fund new restrooms at Riverside Park.  
The generous company that has recently donated other large sums of money around the community for other projects presented a check for $10,000 for the new lavatory.  
This is the last phase of park improvements that began in 2011 with a new playground.  The second phase was completed with the installation of the splash pad in 2012. 
The new restroom facility will be state-of-the-art with energy efficient LED lights, quality materials and a spacious layout.  The new restrooms will have four stalls in the women’s room and will accommodate up to four at a time in the men’s room.  In addition there will be a storage area for park maintenance.  
“It’s very well designed,” Betz said.  She is pleased with the engineering and preparations.  Betz is excited about the design and features. 
The old restrooms have already been removed and crews are waiting for spring to begin working on this project.  It is anticipated that the new restroom facility will be completed in August.  In order to serve park patrons, a portable restroom with a hand washing station will be available throughout this summer.  
All phases of the park improvements have been paid for in full as they have been completed.  The city never used loans or bonds in order to pay.  Instead, they used money set aside as well as generous donations and contributions.  
In addition to the check Holcim contributed, they have also committed to help with concrete.  They are working out plans to help with the materials as well as labor. 
“We worked with the city over a long period of time to be a partner in community improvements,”  Kevin Ovard, Holcim representative, said.  “The restroom is the next step in the evolution of a great park.”