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Holcim gives back through 100 years of service

Article Date: 
22 June, 2012 (All day)

The cement plant in Croydon, built in 1904, has been a major part of our community for over a century.  The name has changed several times over the course of the last 100 years.  
In 2001, Holcim took ownership of the plant to make it part of the world’s leading cement suppliers.  The company was founded in 1912 in Switzerland and has grown worldwide to operate in around 70 countries.  As part of their celebrations they set the goal to involve as many of their 80,000 employees worldwide in a day of service to the communities where they live.  
According to their website, “Even though each single activity is driven by local needs, the initiative is a global one - and runs under a global header: Together for Communities.”  With enough employees volunteering they will reach their goal to “provide 100 years’ worth of volunteering work to society.”
The Devil’s Slide plant has taken on this initiate with full force.  Each of the 100 employees will give 10 hours of service sometime during 2012. Keith Krugh, plant manager, has found the employees of the plant to be very receptive to this goal.  Krugh appreciates the fact that people in the surrounding areas already have the mentality of giving back.   It is especially inspiring when they are able to provide a benefit for their own community.  The employees are able to give service during company time to help Holcim give back.  
The company has and will be donating labor, cement and money to projects in Morgan and Summit Counties.  They teamed up with representatives throughout both communities in their Community Advisory Committee when they determined which projects to take on.  They considered what was feasible in their budget and would help their communities.  
• In April the employees poured a concrete pad for the North Summit bus garage and donated $1,000 worth of concrete to the project.  Holcim has a history of aiding the school district.  
• They helped build a new bowery for the Henefer cemetery and provide financial aid of $7,000. According to the company newsletter they feel “it will be a great improvement to the cemetery for families to be able to gather under a roof structure.”
• Holcim donated new playground equipment for a park in Croydon. They purchased the equipment and installed the new playground in their township.  
• A walking path will be constructed in Coalville from 50 West to the Rail Trail. The five foot sidewalk will give a safe route for those desiring to access the Rail Trail from downtown Coalville.  Holcim has taken on this project in its entirety; 100 percent of the project will be funded and completed by this team.  
• They are the key sponsor for the Morgan Valley Marathon.  This is the second year they have supported our local endurance race and the organizers give credit saying they couldn’t do it without them.  
• They donated $20,000 to the splash pad currently under construction at the Morgan City Park.  In addition they have donated cement and labor to complete the project.  This is the biggest project of the year.   
They are right on schedule to make their year long goal.  Currently they have logged 500 hours working hard to benefit our communities.  “Holcim recognizes the need to be a good neighbor and contribute to our surroundings,” Krugh said of the company. 
Krugh is out there working right alongside the employees.  He has logged seven hours so far working on the Croydon Park project.  The project he is most looking forward to is the splash pad.  This will be the crowning event of the year.
Morgan has been a beneficiary of the cement plant for over a century through providing jobs and tax revenue.  For many years they have looked for ways they could help the community through service and donations.  Morgan County is very grateful for their support of our schools and communities.  
Thank you Holcim for all the service you have given us.