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History of Mountain Green

Article Date: 
3 February, 2012 (All day)

from the Warner Family (Part 2 continued from last week)

Ralph Goodman Warner was one of the sons of William G. and Minnie Warner (who were one of the first settlers of Mountain Green). Ralph Goodman Warner went to school in Mountain Green.  After living several places and working as a watchman for the Union Pacific, he purchased the family farm in 1919. He married Catherine Freestone “the girl of his dreams” who was from Porterville. 

Their children write about their experiences of working on the farm, gathering eggs and having a large truck garden.  They raised hay, canned fruit in the summers and had sleigh rides in the winter. 

Margaret Warner writes of how the neighborhood boys would line up on Saturday nights for haircuts.  “Seated on a milk can in the back yard, Ralph proceeded to cut as many as came - amidst much talking and laughing.  I remember on Sunday mornings, he would cut our hair and being in a hurry to get to church, would cut it too short or bands too high and resulting in bucket of tears being shed ….”

These days were not without their trials and hardships of a more important scale.  In 1929, Ralph lost an arm and leg in a hunting accident.  His son, Lloyd, was with him and applied tourniquets to stop the bleeding.   Ralph, had to have his hand and foot amputated due to the accident.  “However,” Lloyd wrote, “this did not stop father, as after a brief adjustment, he once more took control of his family and fulfilled an eventful life…”

Another issue in the area was water and disputes over water rights.  An article in is printed in Mountain Green the Beautiful along with a picture of Ralph Warner on the  problem with water in the early farming and ranching days in Mountain Green. 

Ralph was in charge of putting on the weekly dances in the Peterson school house for a time. The orchestra consisted of Mr. Anderson from Milton who played the violin, his daughter in law played the piano, and his son played the saxophone.  Ralph was the chaperone, trying to keep people on the dance floor and not causing trouble.

In 1957, he and Kate built another home in Mountain Green which is the home that Keith and Carol Ralphs live in today.  Ralph and Kate had 8 children: Lloyd Warner, Paul Warner, June Warner Poll, and Dorothy Warner Wilkinson stayed in the area and raised their children in Mountain Green and many of their descendents still live in the area. Their other children were Kay, Phyllis, Eileen and Margaret.  Paul Warner bought the ranch from his father and lives on the property today.

The log cabin called the ‘Honeymoon Cottage’ was a fixture on the old highway in Mountain Green for many years.    The cabin now stands on Bonnie Brown’s property down the road. It got the name ‘Honeymoon Cottage’ because many people lived in it as their first home in the early years of Mountain Green. The property was owned by Lloyd Warner for awhile, but was sold back to the Williams family.  June Warner Poll and her new husband, Verl Poll, lived in the cabin for several years. Their first son, Robert (Bob) was born while they lived there.

More Mountain Green history in next weeks paper.