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Gov. Herbert and other candidates Enjoy Lincoln Day Dinner in Morgan

Article Date: 
17 February, 2012 (All day)

As you entered into the doors of the Morgan High School Commons area, one didn’t just view the commons area in a common way. The whole area was all done up in a stately fashion, with red, white and blue décor, fresh flowers, and tables set to greet the head of State, even Governor Herbert and his wife, as well as many other politicians and candidates.   

A delectable dinner was served and a program shortly followed.  The Ovation Choir from the Morgan High School presented their patriotic melody, along with local singer and songwriter Blenda McGary with her rendition of God Bless America.  MHS student  Sean Workman sang the most touching accapella version of The National Anthem.  Comedian Frankie Ray entertained the guests with a few funny comments of being in Morgan Utah. Tina Cannon who is the secretary for the Republican party in Morgan spoke about how the republican party began, and spoke about the constitution. Because Morgan is a non- partisan county, meaning our candidates and delegates don’t run on a republican or democratic ticket, would like to see the county be able to run on a ticket, for state candidates to have more knowledge on which party is being voted on.  

Other VIP attendees were Governor of Utah Gary R. Herbert,  Senator Lee’s office was represented by Larry Shepherd, Rob Bishop our State Representative,  Mel Brown from the House of Representatives, Candidate for U.S. Senate Dale Ash was present, Senator Orrin Hatch had a representative, Candidate for U.S. Senate Dan Liljenquist had representatives present,  Candidate for U.S. Senate Loy Brunson  was present,  Candidate for Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes was in attendance with his representatives. Many of the local Morgan precinct chair and delegates were in attendance.  The dinner and event was put together by Lars Birkland elected president of the Republican Party precinct from Mountain Green. 

  Many comments were made about the turn out at this dinner as compared to other years. In the previous year, there were only about 40 who turned out for the dinner, and this year they had close to 170. It was a lovely event, and those who attended were honored to have meet Governor Herbert and and other state and national representatives.  In a politically charged year, it was enlightening to meet in person many of the candidates and representatives running for offices in 2012. Copies of the Constitution of the United States were handed out at the event.  Utah will have a 4th District to vote on this year, giving our state one more electoral vote in the national elections. Utah has had only three electoral votes in the past. As President’s Day rolls around, it is a perfect time to study the candidates who will be running in this presidential election year. For a more detailed list of candidates running in this 2012 election on both state and local levels you look up