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Give Three Cheers to Our Old Morgan High

Article Date: 
5 November, 2010 - 06:00

A portion of the Morgan High School song reads, “Give three cheers for our old Morgan High, where we never say can’t but I’ll try, heart and hand to thee we render, brain and brawn be they defender, for we love you our Morgan High.”  These lines were actually played out this past weekend as two of our teams competed in state competition.
The 8-2 Morgan High football team traveled to Hurricane to face the 9-1 Tigers.  Our team was dressed in their white and maroon traveling uniforms.   Morgan faced some tough odds as they battled through the game.  The opposing team was deep and talented.  Morgan fought hard, but as the contest wore on, so did the physical strength of our boys.  The Tigers were two-deep in most positions and it took its toll on our athletes. The first half was nip and tuck; but in the third quarter, the game started to slip away.
What impressed me the most about our boys was their perseverance and hard-nosed play.  By the end of the game, most of their white uniforms were stained from head to toe with grass, dirt, and blood. Several times during the game, our players would lend a hand to an opposing player that found himself on the ground from a bone-crushing hit.
As the game ended, these strong-willed Trojans congratulated the winning team and coaches.  They then gathered together in a tight circle with our coaching staff.  Tears were shed, hugs were given, and words of encouragement were spoken.
The volleyball state championships were held at Utah Valley University last Friday and Saturday.  The Morgan girls entered the competition ranked number one in the state.  The Lady Trojans held true to the accolades and walked away with the state title.
During the championship match against Juan Diego, the girls were relentless in the pursuit of excellence.  Only once in the three games did they fall behind their competitor, and that was short lived.  During the tournament, our team was focused, determined, and displayed the qualities of good sportsmanship.
Morgan volleyball is respected across the state.  Our girls always come ready to play.  Opposing teams know that Morgan means business.  The girls have spent hours, days, months, and years practicing, training, and preparing  for the opportunity of being the best.
Supporting our teams were two other groups who are just as determined; cheerleaders and drill team  members.  These young ladies devote an enormous amount of time supporting and promoting the high school.  They arrive early to school for morning practices and stay late at night supporting other teams.  They are some of our best athletes.
Coaching is a very challenging profession.  When you win it’s generally the players who get the credit and when you lose it’s generally the fault of the coaches.  Coaches donate an enormous amount of time and energy preparing our teams for upcoming contests.  Their love of the game and their respect for young people drive them and keep them focused.  Both staffs were first class, one in falling short and the other in taking the prize.
Other members of the team that rarely receive credit and never actually enter the field of play are the parents and fans.  Without their support and encouragement, high school athletics would become mundane and unattractive.  At both contests we had overwhelming support from our community.  Opposing teams often comment on our fan base and the ominous display of maroon and white in the bleachers.  Players are a reflection of the community in which they live.  We have great players because we have great parents and fans.
Of special note is the news that several Morgan High students have been awarded academic all state honors.  The recipients are:  football - Sawyer Brooks and Chase Peterson, volleyball - Ashley Garfield, girls’ cross country - Emily Barajas, and girls’ soccer - Danielle Poll and Chelsea Fairbourn.  Congratulations!
Give three cheers for our players, coaches, cheerleaders, drill team, parents, and fans that support all the programs at MHS.  To quote another segment of the school song, “Heart and hand to thee we render, brain and brawn be thy defender, for we love you our Morgan High.