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Fundraiser successful for Trussells

Article Date: 
14 December, 2012 (All day)

Midway through the fundraiser Debbie Trussell was beaming with the support her family received from the community.  “It’s going amazing!” Trussell said happily, “People are so amazing.  So generous.”  The courthouse auditorium was filled with donations and shoppers.  Sections for clothing, electronics, toys, furniture, and more lined the walls and filled the room.  
The stage held a table of tasty treats from cookies to flavored popcorn.   Madie Trussell and her friend Aimee VanCampen helped sell the baked goods all day. The girls were happy to help with the fundraiser.  “I asked Madie if I could help,” VanCampen said.  “I wanted to help Brennan get what he needs.” Madie felt the fundraiser had a good turnout and was pleased to see how many people came.  
Emily Clark lives near the Trussell family and decided she wanted to help.  “I watch how cute they are with Brennan,” Clark stated.  She completed a beautiful quilt to aid the cause.  To further help the Trussell family, she took raffle tickets around and enlisted others to sell tickets.  By Saturday, they had a bucket full of tickets and continued to sell more, every dollar going to help Brennan. 
When Justine Kinnear heard a little about Brennan, she knew she wanted to help.  She set up a table filled with good smells and fun items in the Scentsy line of products.  She donated the money she made to the family. Remembering a time when her brother had cancer and all the support her family received inspires Kinnear to help others.  She enjoyed the fundraiser, especially seeing the support that the Trussell family had and that Debbie’s sister was there to help and support.
Shoppers were generous as they found items they liked.  At checkout it wasn’t uncommon to hear the phrase “keep the change.”  One woman even handed a $100 bill to the cashiers to pay for her $33 worth of items she had found, walking away without change but certainly a big heart.
Saturdays Benefit Bazaar raised $2,800 throughout the day from neighbors, friends, community members and strangers.  The money will be used to help the Trussells make an addition to their home to provide needed care for Brennan.  Debbie and Jeff had been sharing their room with Brennan until recent health developments made that impossible.  Brennan’s  12 year-old brother is now sleeping on the floor of his fourteen year olds sisters room to give Brennan  a room that will hold his medical equipment and the nurse that is now required.  The estimated cost of the renovation is $25,000.   
After their need and situation was brought to the community’s attention people reached out to the family.  Just five days after an article was published in The Morgan County News and a facebook post about their need, Trussell went to the bank to make a deposit.  After leaving the bank she looked at the deposit slip with the current balance printed on it.  The account had $3,200 more dollars than expected.  She couldn’t wait to call and tell Jeff the great news.  Inquiring at the bank to see who made the deposit, she was told the donors were anonymous. More donations will be accepted to help them care for their son.  Donations can be made to Jeff Trussell’s account at either branch of 1st Bank in Brennan’s name.  An account is set up at America First Credit Union through Doris Howe on behalf of Brennan as well.  
For the time being there are no plans for more fundraisers until spring, when the Carlos Toone family will host a softball tournament.  The more immediate needs are for skilled volunteers who are willing to help with their house.  They have received offers from electricians.  Over the weekend the trusses for their roof were donated by a company in Park City.  “People are just popping out of the wood works,” Trussell said appreciatively.  The foundation has been poured and they are preparing to tar it.  They would like to get it framed and roofed quickly so the weather doesn’t deteriorate it. Then Jeff plans to work on the interior through the winter months.  Anyone who would like to help can call Jeff Trussell at 801-589-9714.   
“Brennan is such an amazing blessing.  Anyone who takes the time would do anything for him,” Trussell said.