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Find Your Family - The Old School House Speaks – Martha Vera Mecham Ogden

Article Date: 
3 August, 2012 (All day)

Many years ago my grandmother wrote about the schoolhouse in Enterprise. It was written as though the schoolhouse was speaking. She said, “I was built many, many years ago, by the people who lived in the town of Enterprise, in Morgan County, Utah.  They were anxious to have a center place in the town for a school, a church, or whatever the occasion might be.  I was a real nice looking building in my day, and the people were proud of me and kept me painted up nice both inside and out.  I was the center of attraction in the town.  I was their school house, their ward chapel, and their amusement hall.  During the weekdays in the winter months I was their school house.  Would you believe me when I tell you that at one time 75 children attended school here within these walls?  Here was where they started to get their education.  Oh, those were happy days for me, for I loved to hear them sing and recite their lessons.  Then after school they would play and have so much fun on the grounds around me.  You see I was in a place where I could enjoy it all.  It used to be a very lively little community at one time.  
Then came another thrill to me. When Sunday came around, here was where the members of the ward gathered to perform their many church activities.  Sunday school early Sunday morning for children and all, sacrament meetings in the afternoon, and young men’s and young ladies’ mutual meetings in the evening.  You see, I was there every time and I am telling you, you just don’t know the wonderful things you missed when you did not attend all these services, such as the beautiful sacrament services performed with such reverence, the many ordinations performed here, all those tiny babies that were blessed and given their names here.  The many gospel sermons that were preached here and the wonderful spirit that was felt, the singing of the beautiful church songs was a real treat indeed.  During the week I was also their amusement hall.  Here the ward members and all joined in ward recreation activities such as ward dances, ward plays, ward dinners, etc.  When they all got together and enjoyed their social activities-and believe you me, they did have real enjoyable times, and the Christmas tree at Christmas.  
There were sad times, too when a loved one passed away, the funeral was held here.  That was very sad times.  You see, I saw and heard it all.  I was always there no matter what happened, be it sad or be it joyful.  
Now, I am growing old, the young people have married and moved away.  The town has grown so small they don’t need me any more.  My walls are weather beaten and unkempt.  I was needed no more so they have torn me down.  But those happy memories still live on.”