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Figures released on Trojan Center expenses

Article Date: 
20 June, 2014 (All day)

In the 2013-2014 school year, the Morgan County School Board collected $6,400 in fees for use of the Trojan Century Center.  In the same time, the district paid $17,067 in utilities for the building, $6,300 for supervision of the building, $4,416 for custodians to clean the building, and another $2,300 for supplies and repairs, said District Business Manager D’Lynn Poll.
The facility is used by both students as well as community members.  As such, it is difficult to compute what percentage of utilities was paid for community use vs. district use. 
Board member Ken Durrant said heating and cooling of the building would be the same no matter who was using it.  When students leave the building, the facility must still be heated and cooled, he said.
Poll said the biggest cash out of the district’s pocket that can be tied to community use was for supervision.  However, the fees collected for use of the building was enough revenue to pay for that supervision, she said.