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Fair Had a Great Turnout

Article Date: 
13 August, 2010 - 06:00

It was a week of fun filled events and competition at the Morgan County Fair.  Activities steadily increased throughout the week to a crescendo on Friday and Saturday.
At the livestock competition, young men and women came out and showed their best.  The animals and their owners were on their best behavior (mostly) as they showed what they were made of.  It is always a sight to see a small young man or woman with a large animal.  They looked comfortable, and in control as they showed the results of long labor.
The blow up toys were a continuous hit as kids bounced, slid, and climbed.  Squeels and shouts could be heard from a distance as there was continuous fun.
Kids normally are chastised for eating too much candy, but not at eating contests.  The contestants showed how quickly they could eat a bag of gummi worms, five twinkies, and other foods.  It was messy, but entertaining.
Tales and Scales made another appearance with its slithering crawling audience participation.  The snakes lizards, and arachnids fascinated, attracted and repulsed the audience as they came forward to hold the animals as a part of the show.
The Jr Rodeo was a high success.  There were more than two hundred participants and the events went late into the night.  The events did not wrap up until nearly 1:00 a.m.  The stands were packed as everyone enjoyed the steer riding, mutton bustin, and other activities.  This was the first time for this activity at the Fair and given its success it will likely be a feature in the future.
The entries for gardening looked tasty and the flowers grown to perfection, the art submitted was amazing, and the quilts and sewing entries were beautiful.  For those that took time to walk through the exhibits it was a great display of the talents of those in the county.  Over the past several years participation in some of the events has been decreasing.  This continued this year.  Those in charge of the gardening and flower events have been working to help individuals be aware of the events and encourage them to participate.  There were only a few entries in these categories this year.
There were many vendors and booths.  The most visible seemed to be the face painting and hair coloring.  There were children everywhere with multi colored hair, and faces painted with items as small as a flower, to their entire faces transformed.  The kids proudly displayed their decorations for all to see.
The food was excellent and anyone to ate at the fair likely went home a few pounds heavier. There was plenty of food and whether it was just excellently cooked, or tasted better just because of the atmosphere, there did not seem to be much left uneaten.
The last day of the Fair was a stormy one.  The winds came up and the heavens opened in the afternoon and there was a great deal of apprehension from the Fair Board for the Rodeo that evening.  As the afternoon progressed the rain stopped and the evening was pleasant.  The air was fresh and the temperature perfect for an evening at the Rodeo.
The first night of the rodeo brought a serious injury for one of the cowboys participating in the bull riding.  He was rushed to the hospital.  For more information see the story on Page 1.  There were some other injuries, but many successes and the cowboys and cowgirls showed their skill and preparation.
It was a successful fair with activities for every interest.  Whether someone has interests in gardening, sewing, livestock, eating, or playing games there was something for all ages and all interests.  As the Fair comes to a close this year we will just say, in anticipation of next year, “See you at the Fair!”