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Education Foundation Launches 100 for $1000

Article Date: 
19 August, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan Education Foundation is making a final push to fund the new Trojan Century Center.  They are beginning a two-week campaign to reach out to the residents of the county and alumni of Morgan High School.  The foundation believes that there are many that benefited from an excellent education in Morgan that will want to support the Trojan Center, particularly on the hundredth anniversary of the High School.  The campaign will last two weeks and is targeting to raise $100,000.  This should bring the foundation to the necessary funding for the facility to be completed. “Our goal is to reach out to individual, to alumni, to families… and ask for a commitment of $1,000, “ said Kelly Wright Morgan Education Foundation president.  He continued, “[It is] great opportunity to share in helping to build this facility, not just a mediocre facility, but a facility… that has a classrooms to teach, that has the equipment…everything that would make this first class.”

The overall target is to have donations of $1,000 from 100 individuals, but any donations will be accepted.  Donations can be made via credit card or check and can be made in one lump sum or in payments over time.  Information about how to donate can be found on the school district website or by calling the school district.

The foundation received $11,000 in pledges in the meeting.  $10,000 from Operation Graduation and $1,000 for the MHS coaches.