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Eagle Scout lends a hand to help elderly stay warm

Article Date: 
31 January, 2014 (All day)

Most boy scouts start their training as young boys, giving them plenty of time to earn all the merit badges and advancements they need to become Eagle Scouts before they graduate high school.
Cameron Gualco, son of Joe and Courtney Gualco, was a freshman at Morgan High School before he caught the scouting bug.  Gualco had always been very involved in other school activities.  He is arguably one of the best saxophone players around, representing Morgan at several state and inter-state band festivals playing his baritone sax.   
Gualco joined the Boy Scout unit in the Morgan 6th ward and began his scouting journey.  He progressed quite quickly and then got frustrated by the magnitude of what had to be accomplished and quit for a while.  “The leaders even thought at first that he wouldn’t make it, but thankfully they never gave up on him,” said Gualco’s mother, Courtney.
Leaders Steve Allen, Richard Wiscombe and Howard Hansen convinced Gualco to keep on moving forward, finally convincing him that he could accomplish his goal.  The hardest part was finding a way to work around the physical activity badge because of a knee injury, but hard work and perseverance conquered all. On Wednesday evening, Jan. 29, Cameron Gualco received his Eagle Rank.  
Gualco has always enjoyed serving others, so for his Eagle project, he found some families in the Morgan area that were in need of fire wood for the winter.  
Under the direction of Cheryl Rupp he planned and organized his project, cutting, splitting, and delivering several cords of wood to two wonderful families in the Morgan area.  
There are so many people who helped Gualco along the way, he wanted to thank all those in the Morgan 6th Ward scouting program who helped him reach his goal.  Without the encouragement of all those involved, none of this would have been possible.