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District concerned with students passing out during class

Article Date: 
19 October, 2012 (All day)

Once a week for three weeks, a student in a Morgan High School classroom passed out while attending Mr. Rock’s health class during first or second period.
The classroom next door has had no problems, students in Mr. Rocks’ early-morning drivers education class have not been affected, and the three students are the same age and have all been male.  When the students were examined later, their physicians could find nothing that caused the fainting and their blood work came back normal.
“Is this a coincidence, or is something more going on?” Superintendent Ken Adams said.  “We are trying to see if there are commonalities of these boys,” like maybe allergies, he said.
Carbon monoxide and oxygen censors have been placed in the room.  The county fire chief used “sophisticated” equipment to examine the room.  A safety team from Westland Construction has cleared the room as well.  Still, nothing unusual has been detected.
The health department conducted volatile organic compound (VOC) tests, with the machine hitting only on glass cleaner and board cleaner.  These substances have been removed from the room.
The school district has requested a specialist from Hill Air Force Base conduct another round of tests before students are allowed in the room again.
“I want to make certain we have covered all the bases,” Adams said.  “the health and safety of our students is the main priority.”
Some school board members questioned if lack of food may be to blame.  They are hearing reports that new school lunch menus are not providing enough calories for students.  Adams said U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop has contacted a Morgan mother concerned her child was not getting enough calories from school lunch, saying he was concerned as well.