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Day Calls It a Day!

Article Date: 
6 August, 2010 - 06:00

    Garth Day, County Council Administrator tendered his resignation today.  He is required under his employment contract to give ninety days notice.  Day indicated that his last day will be November 1, 2010.  He expressed that he is resigning to “pursue other interests.”  He is giving more notice than required to help the county have time to find a replacement and have a smooth transition.  
    In his letter of resignation Day stated, “Please know that this decision has been very difficult.  I have enjoyed my time at Morgan and have grown to love the people and the County.  I have learned a lot here and hope that I am leaving the County in a better place than when I joined the team.  I appreciate the Council giving me this opportunity to begin with and hope for the best for Morgan County.  I want the Council to know that I will do everything in my power to make any transition smooth and to help the organization’s operations to continue fluidly.”
    Day’s position has been controversial since it was established by the county council.  There has been a concerted effort by some in the county to create an uncomfortable environment for Day.  Day recently commented in the council meeting on the tactics being used and expressed his disappointment with what he saw as inappropriate actions by some in the county.  
One of the reasons Day was hired was his experience in economic development.  His skills have continuously been in demand throughout the state.  Day’s resignation will leave a gap in the county that will need to be filled for the county to have the same focus on economic development.  Day’s contacts in the state government have also benefitted the county.  Day’s services to the council have been described as “invaluable” by some council members.
   Some members of the council have expressed a desire to work to persuade Day to reconsider his decision and to stay on in the county.  Time will tell whether they will be able to make a compelling case to convince him of the opportunities in the county and prevail upon him to continue in his role.