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Daughters of Utah Pioneers to host Christmas party

Article Date: 
29 November, 2013 (All day)

November found local Daughters of Utah Pioneers camps holding monthly meetings around the valley.  Morgan Company DUP was established in April of 1918, and has now grown to include six camps, namely: Hardscrabble, Mt. Joy, Mountain View, Peterson Creek, South Morgan and Weber River.  In the beginning, Porterville Camp (the first camp organized) and Peterson Camp were part of the company but have since either been combined with other camps or otherwise dissembled.
You are invited to attend the annual International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers Christmas party and program “Rainbow Colors of Christmas,” Dec. 6.  It will be held in the Pioneer Memorial Museum Lecture Hall located at 300 North Main, Salt Lake City at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Sun Shade’n Rain will perform, refreshments will be served, and tours of the museum given. Come, enjoy the museum’s beautiful holiday decorations.
The public is also invited to the DUP museum located at 33 N. State Street in Morgan.  The museum cost only $6,000 originally.  This seems very inexpensive for our day but was hard to come by back then.  Some of the cost of building was deterred because of donated labor from church groups, civic groups, DUP members and their husbands and many other people from the community.  
The cinderblocks used for outside the building were donated by individuals at a cost of 25 cents each.  As pioneer artifacts were gathered they were first stored in the old Opera House (now Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn).  The more they gathered the more it became apparent that a better location was needed to display these wonderful items.  Thus, the building was built and the DUP Museum was secured.  
Anyone who entered the Utah Territory before the completion of the railroad on May 10, 1869, or died along the way is considered to be a “pioneer.”  Many of our community members have pioneer ancestral pictures on the walls in our museum.  Other pioneer belongings and artifacts are also displayed and preserved in glass cases for everyone to see and enjoy.  
Anyone wishing to donate artifacts to our museum may do so if they can authenticate the article as being of pioneer origin.  If they would also provide information about what it is, who used it, and how it was used, that would be very helpful and interesting.   
Our theme this year, “Daughters of the Future – Keepers of the Past” surely is in keeping with the purpose of our lovely museum.  It has been a place of gathering and will continue to play an important part in the community in the future as we open the doors to help us all learn about our pioneer heritage.
Josephine Daines Clark, one of our daughters belonging to the Mt. Joy camp and a current Morgan resident, was recently placed on the International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers (ISDUP) Honor Roll as a daughter of a pioneer parent, Joseph B. Daines, who was born in the Utah Territory before May 10, 1869.  
Earlier this year Morgan Company DUP honored two of her daughters, Ellen Mamanakis, member since 1957 and member of the Mt. Joy Camp (whom we lost this summer), and Marilyn Crezee, member since 1956 of the Weber River Camp for their 50 years of membership in the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.  We love them and appreciate their service, and we surely feel the loss of Ellen.  
If you would like more information, please call ShaRon Nelson, Morgan Company president, at (801) 589-8345.