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County Council Notes for May 17, 2011

Article Date: 
20 May, 2011 (All day)


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Ned Mecham, Lyle Nelson

Absent: Members Ronda Kippen and Robert Kilmer


Public Comment

Dave Sadwick, Mountain Green – Sadwick owns property in Mountain Green adjacent to Rollins Ranch.  He commented on the Powderhorn Road.  He informed the council that the road was not installed as platted.  He expressed concern that Rollins Ranch will leave the road as it is.  He would like to see Rollins Ranch be held accountable to install the road as platted.  

Rod Haslam – Haslam thanked the council for their participation at the Fairgrounds cleanup event.  He observed that there was substantial work completed that prepared the Fairgrounds for activities.  He also reported that the high school rodeo was a tremendous success.  Haslam  asked for the county’s support for the Morgala Days Rodeo.  This event helps to fund the other activities from the Lions Club including Santa at Christmas and the Easter Egg hunt.

Jake Mecham – Mecham is working on a merit badge and spoke about flooding in the county.  He requested contact with Terry Turner, the county’s emergency manager


Council Business

Chairman Kelley - Weber County has a vacancy on the Weber/Morgan Board of Health.  The county needs to appoint a member.  Kelley asked that this opportunity be advertised.  Kelley also reported that 2012 is the Morgan County sesquicentennial.  She asked the council to think about ways the county can celebrate that anniversary.

Howard Hansen – Hansen reported on the Relay for Life event.  The county has been challenged to have a team representing them.  

Member Mathews - Mathews informed the council that on June fourth the airport will have a fly-in activity.  Pilots from other areas will be flying in to the airport.  Pilots will give rides in planes.  There will be breakfast served.  The event starts at 7:00 a.m.  A World War II pilot will be presenting and talking about his experiences in the war.


Agenda Items 

Marriner Oldham – Refund of Overpayment of Property Taxes

The refund of $1,484.82 was approved unanimously.

Appoint Member to Serve on the Morgan City Justice Court Nominating Committee

Debbie Sessions was appointed to serve on the committee unanimously.

Lease for Fairgrounds Property

There were three bids.  One bid was disqualified because it did not respond to the bid as it was advertised.  One bid was for only a portion of the property.  The bid was awarded to Shane Pentz for $1,257 unanimously.

Lease Extension for Forest Service at the Airport

The county will be leasing the ground for the same rate as last year.  The lease is $3,960.25 per month paid to the county.  The lease was approved unanimously.

Lost Creek Responsibilities

The county has the responsibility to do maintenance at Lost Creek.  The park supervisor was assigned to perform the maintenance.  The decision was unanimous.