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County Council Notes for January 3, 2012

Article Date: 
6 January, 2012 (All day)

Council Business:

Member Kilmer reported that the recreation board is working with City Council member Ray Little to install safety netting at the ball parks.  

Tracy Kummer shared that the county has been full of love and compassion.  She reported that the food bank has received many food and cash donations.  They received $1,000 from Family Connections in addition to donations from individuals in the county.  There was significant support for Sub for Santa.  There was approximately $1,400 donated to Sub for Santa.  The Ridley’s program has generated more than 2,000 pounds of food that has benefited those in need in the county.  The Ridley’s program began in November.  The food bank helps approximately forty families per month.  Barber Brothers and the two elementary schools have also done food drives that have provided resources for the food pantry to provide assistance.

Ned Mecham said that John Toone contacted him and expressed concern that there is little dirt on the shoulder of the road by the bridge near Holcim.  He suggested that the county should put concrete barriers to keep individuals from sliding into the river.  Lars Birkland also contacted Member Mecham about setting up a day care business near the airport.  That area of the county is not zoned for a day care.  Mecham was advised to have the Birklands apply for a text amendment to the zoning to allow this use.

Council Chair Kelley indicated that there is need for a soccer field if any property owner in the county is interested in donating property.

Selection of Chair and Vice Chair

See Kelley re-elected for second term on this page

2011 Portfolio Assignments

The council portfolio assignments for 2012 will be as follows:

Airport – Member Mathews

Chamber of Commerce – Members Kippen and Nelson

Children’s Justice Center – Attorney Farris

COG and Grants – Member Kilmer, Member Mecham and Council Chair Kelly

Community Services/Human Services – Members Hansen and Mathews

East Canyon Water Quality and Board – Members Kippen and Mecham

Economic Development – Member Nelson

Extension Services – Member Mecham 

Fair Board and Fair Grounds –Members Kilmer and Kippen

Family Connections – Council Chair Kelley

Historical Society – Council Chair Kelley

Insurance and Personnel – Council Chair Kelley

Library – Member Hansen

Morgan Empowered – Member Nelson

Parks and Grounds– Members Kippen and Nelson

Physical Facilities – Member Kilmer and Mecham

Planning and Development Services – Council Chair Kelley and Member Mecham

Public Safety – Member Hansen

Public Works – Members Mecham and Mathews

Purchasing – Member Mathews

Recreation – Members Kilmer and Hansen

Solid Waste – Member Mecham

Transit Services – Member Nelson

TV Cable – Member Kippen

Wasatch Front Regional Council – Council Chair Kelley and Member Mathews

Weber Morgan Health – Council Chair Kelley

Workforce Services – Member Nelson

Jann Farris – TowerCo First Right of Approval

This was approved unanimously

Judge Hassell – Constable Position in the County

There has been a constable in the county since 1982.  The constable position serves warrants in the county.  The performance of current the constable has been an issue and the individual’s employment was terminated.  The Sheriff added this duty as a part of his office.  The new part-time individual could also serve as a deputy in the Sheriff’s office should this be needed.

Airport Advisory Board – Review RFQ Applicants

The airport advisory board presented a review of the status of the purchase of leases at the airport, the payment by tenants of lease payments, and reimbursement for infrastructure costs.  The airport advisory board is requesting a ramp to be constructed at the airport with state funds paying for approximately ninety percent of the cost.  

The council approved the RFQ and accepted Horrocks Engineering as the firm.  The engineering firm cannot proceed with work without authorization from the council.

Robert Kilmer – Replacement of County Planning Director

The council did minor modifications to the job description for the planning and zoning director that had been recently advertised.

Blomquist/Hale – Employee Assistance Program

Blomquist Hale provides services to 27,000 state employees including the Morgan School District.  Employee Assistance Programs provide counseling for employees with life problems.  Twenty percent of employees at any given time are likely to be involved in a life event reported Blomquist. Relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and financial problems are all life events for which employees can get help through the employee assistance program.  The cost is $3.90 per employee per month.  This allows a no session limit to meet with a life counselor to obtain help with their problems.    The program covers the employee and their families.  The council agreed to review whether to add this benefit for employees at a later council meeting.