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Council Meeting Notes - October 26, 2010

Article Date: 
29 October, 2010 - 06:00

 Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, Don Mathews
Public Hearing for Lease Revenue Bonds
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  Logan Wilde – Bag of Woad Program
This program has been run in past years and is designed to help to reduce the growth of Dyer’s Woad while educating county residents on the problem with this noxious weed. Wilde was asking for the county to participate in the program up to $1,500 to pay for the disposal. Individuals on the weed board and on the council question its effectiveness since often the weeds that are taken are a part of a large field where all of the weed is not eradicated and it simple   grows right back.
Wilde was directed to contact the Weed Board and make a presentation to them on the program. The decision was unanimous.
Mike Johanson/ Wilkinson Cottonwood Water Co – Land agreement Rose Hill Well
This item was previously before the council on October 5th. The item   was referred to the county engineer for further review at that time.
The Rose Hill well is critical to the plan for Wilkinson Cottonwood
Water to help solve the problem of water quality with some of its   customers. One of the wells of Wilkinson Cottonwood has levels of   nitrates that are outside acceptable water quality levels. Johanson had sent a land use agreement to the county for review, but there had   been last minute changes on the day of the council meeting. County attorney Jann Farris reported that the county engineer expressed continued concerns about some areas of the agreement and the county   needed additional time to review the changes.
The item was tabled until the county engineer is able to do further   review.
Karen Sunday- Lease Agreement with Sewer SSD for use of land adjacent to Kent Smith Park
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Karen Sunday – Repairs for Milton Park
$1,750 was budgeted for restrooms at the Kent Smith Park. These funds   were reallocated to the Milton Park where the need was greater. The   council also approved an additional amount of $1,500 from the   restaurant tax to be used for improvements to the Milton Park.
Introduction and Appointment of District 4 Council Member Candidates and Portfolio Assignments
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