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Council considers reorganization of five departments

Article Date: 
18 May, 2012 (All day)

The Morgan County Council approved studying the reorganization of several departments, including the parks, road, weed, fairgrounds, and building and grounds departments.

The county’s human resource consultant will produce a questionnaire that those department heads and county officials will use to determine needs.  Next, an “inventory” of current employees and their skill sets will be drawn up.  The goal is to determine if current employees of the five departments meet the needs of the county, as well as make sure country resources are used more effectively.

“We have a need to try and combine our resources, conserve them, use them better, Councilman Robert Kilmer said.  “There are times in any given day, week, month or year that a department has down time and can be of service to other departments in the county.”

“This is an issue of efficiency,” Councilman Don Mathews said.  “We are a small county.  We don’t have a lot of employees.  We don’t have the economy to have more employees.  We need to make the best use of the employees we have.  There’s sesonalities to each of these departments.  We need someone to be accountable to all of those departments.  We need to build a team of individual employees that are multi-functional and not working within their individual silos.”

Councilman Ned Mecham agreed.  

“It would be nice to shuffle around employees as needed within their skill set,” he said.

No elected officials’ departments will be changed in the reorganization, Kilmer said.

Kilmer said the council may consider hiring a public works director to oversee all five departments.  Presently, the county has five people in those departments filling the role of supervisor.

“We can change the (job titles), call them leads, but do we really need them?” Kilmer asked.

Hiring someone all five departments could report to would take the load off the council’s back, Kilmer said.

“The council is getting too involved in the daily operations of the county,” Kilmer said.  “A lot of reason things fall apart is council involvement.  In my portfolio assignment, I have people that report directly to me.  We are trying to get in and make daily decisions.  We need to get out of the way and let (employees) do what they were hired to do.”

Kilmer encouraged input from the entire county on the plan he recently presented.

“It can’t be one person’s plan,” he said.  “It will take the whole council to work through this.  It has to be a council plan.”

Kilmer said the council will take time implementing any reorganization plan and be sensitive to current employees.

Mathews agreed.

“This is our employees’ way of supporting their families,” he said.  “We don’t take that lightly.”