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Council Approves Improvements in the Highlands to Avoid Lawsuit

Article Date: 
21 October, 2011 (All day)


In response to threatened litigation and to address public safety issues the council approved a project on Tuesday to replace drain covers in the Highlands.  During flooding season the drains overflowed and caused flooding in a residents house.  Council Chair Tina Kelley also reported that there have been problems in the winter as the covers ice over the create hazardous walking conditions.  Parents have complained about this situation and the hazard it creates for their children.

The council initially believed the solution would cost less than $5,000, but the new covers required more construction than anticipated and the bid was approximately $12,000.  

The council decided to move forward on the replacements even at the higher costs.  Member Nelson raised concerns that the county had not followed the outlined procurement process and requested that the county go out to bid for the work.  Although Member Mathews shared the procurement policy and the provision that allows the council to act without the full procurement process in cases of public safety, member Nelson continued to express that the council should take an additional week to bid the project since only one of the bids actually matched the work to be done.  The other bidder had only quoted for part of the work.

In a five to 1 vote the council decided to proceed with the work so that it could be completed before the weather changed and caused the project to be delayed to the Spring.  The project will be paid for out of the county’s flood fund.