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Community theatre returns to Morgan

Article Date: 
20 July, 2012 (All day)

An announcement was made last week that the Morgan community theatre is officially back for 2012.  The idea of having a community theatre was originally started by Adam Slee four years ago.  It began as a theatre camp for the children of Morgan County.  Their first production was a Disney musical review.  It included excerpts from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast and was a big success.   It was followed by The Wizard of Oz in 2010.  
In the summer of 2011 the Morgan community theatre was born.  The production of Annie was filled with many talented people from all over the county.  The proceeds of Annie were given to support the Morgan School District special education department.  Summer of 2012 came around with the fear that the theatre camp and Morgan community theatre would cease to continue.  
Several participants of past productions really wanted to see this effort continue, and community members such as Courtney Gualco really fought to keep it alive.  After some restructuring and new direction, theatre camp started on June 9 with 30 talented children and a handful of wonderful adults. 
 This year the Morgan community theatre will be presenting a Broadway review, directed by Candice Wilder with the musical direction of Mike Mills, and the supporting direction of Courtney Gualco.  “A Night on Broadway” will be performed Friday and Saturday, July 20 – 21, and Monday, July 23 at 7 p.m. in the Morgan High School auditorium, with an encore presentation at the Morgan County Fair on July 31. 
This year will be the same as years past and all proceeds will be donated to support the Morgan School District special education department.  If you’d like to be a part of the Morgan Community Theatre, please contact Courtney at 801-845-8088.