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Community Spotlight - The Petersens

Article Date: 
10 February, 2012 (All day)

Words to live by: When in Bob and Rozann’s home you may read an inspirational thought or two such as: “Glance backward....Look heavenward....Reach outward.....Press onward....” by Thomas S. Monson, President of the LDS Church.

Rozann Heiner grew up in Clearfield, Utah. Her family moved to Morgan after she had graduated from Clearfield High School. Her father, Doyle Heiner had been raised in Morgan and had the opportunity to move back to his hometown with his wife, Betty and siblings. 

Bob and Rozann would come to visit her family in Morgan, and loved everything about Morgan and decided to raise their family here.

 Rozann graduated from beauty school while still in high school. She worked as a beautician for several years.  Bob and Rozann met through a friend of one of Rozann’s beauty shop clients. She told Rozann, she knew a young man she should meet, but he is on a mission for the church. Rozann said “I will write to him, if he writes to me first.” After corresponding through letters for 9 months, while Bob was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in England.They finally met, when he returned home. They dated for three months, then got married.

Bob and Rozann have served together, on the Scout Council, for many years. Both have received the Silver Beaver Award, which is the highest award given, Rozann was the first woman in Morgan County to receive that honor, this was on March 20, 1998. Bob received his March 29,1996

Bob Petersen grew up on a dairy farm in Farr West, Utah, he attended schools in Weber County, and when he was in seventh grade, out in the barnyard, one day, he was singing, his father came around the corner in amazement that was Bob singing. He told him he didn’t know he could sing like that.

His voice is deep, bold and clear, still amazes people when they hear him sing. These are just a few of the gifts he shares with others. 

Bob shared his experience when he auditioned for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, “In 1971, just a couple months after we were married, I auditioned for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I remember the audition, so well. I was scared to death. I had to listen to the choir director, Richard P. Condie turn down a young girl with a marvelous voice. She left the room crying and now it was my turn to sing and be disappointed. I stood up with my song to sing. Brother Condie said he would start with some scales. I sang the scales as he played them on the piano. He them started going down and down and down further. Then he stopped and turned to me and said, “How low can you go?” I told him that I could sing to the end of the keyboard. He told me that he liked what he heard and told me that he would see me next Tuesday at choir rehearsal. I stood there for a moment in a daze. . .So it finally hit me that I had been accepted to sing as a member of the famous, world renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir!!! “

“I served for five years, from 1971 to 1976. I toured all over the world with the choir. We sang in the United States,England,Germany, France, Washington D.C. and Mexico. We sang for Kings, Queens and dignitaries, the world over. “

When Bob was just out of high school, he had the desire to serve a mission. At this time, there was a quota that had to be adhered to because of the Vietnam War. A LDS Ward could only send out two missionaries within six months time. He got his call as the second person, during that six month period, just before he turned 19.

Rozann said she has been supportive of Bob’s singing and has been there with him to most of his singing engagements. 

Rozann has been a bus driver for Morgan School District, for the past 18 years. Currently drives the run to Croydon. Bob ran a Big O Tire business operating 7 stores across UT and WY. He also works at the Farmington Bay Youth Center where he help to instill an appreciation for music in the lives of troubled youth. At the present time Bob works part-time at McKay Dee Hospital as a shuttle driver. 

Bob and Rozann have lived 38 years of their 40 year marriage in Morgan. In their home you can feel the deep and abiding love, they have for each other. They enjoy traditions with their family such as Snowmobiling in Yellowstone Park, Whenever the Petersen Family gets together they do fun things, such as making gingerbread houses. They love their family and spending time together.

Rozann enjoys studying, reading, and oil painting, and cross stitch. The Petersens have four children and thirteen grandchildren. Their four children attended Morgan Schools.They are very proud of their children, and their accomplishments.

Their Children are John Kaylauna, Spencer and Chris. Who they are so proud of and their grandchildren. 

We are all given challenges, and often wonder where do we get the strength to endure them?

Bob has had a few life changing events since the day he was born. The latest beThat About twenty years ago, Bob contracted Adult Type 2 Diabetes and then peripheral artery disease in his lower legs, which caused numbness and tingling . While at boy scout training session he stepped on an old staple, which pierced the bottom of his foot. He said he couldn’t feel it because of the neuropathy.

The doctor had an MRI done The results clearly showed the staple embedded way up inside his foot. The staple was removed but what was left behind was a bone infection. This infection could not be conquered. Though the strongest of antibiotics was used and several surgeries and amputations (toe by toe) had been done. “The doctor looked at what was left of my foot and said, ‘I can see that you have gone through hell, to be where you are today.’ He told me that what I needed was “a below the knee amputation,” because if I didn’t get ahead of this infection, I would lose my entire leg.”  He continued,” I then asked him when he could do the amputation? He paused for a few minutes to tell me ‘that this kind of operation was life changing and I needed some time to think about it.’ I replied to him that “I had been thinking about it for the past four months and I was ready.” By Oct.1st. Bob said “Let’s get’er done.”

Bob got his left leg amputated just below the knee. . The poison was finally gone! His sense of humor help with his recovery, he would tell people” I have a new job.” They would say “where?”  He would say “IHOP”. Some would ask him “what do you do there?” His reply would be,”I hop.”